Chicago Teen Driving Accident Lawyer

Teens and newer drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents due to their lack of experience. This makes it harder for them to anticipate the actions of others.

Parents of a teen who has been in a car accident should look for an experienced attorney to help them as soon as possible after an accident. Compassionate accident lawyers know that a teen’s inexperience should not result in less recovery on their insurance claim. A Chicago teen driver accident lawyer can help them build their case right away.

At Risk Driving

Novice drivers are unable to anticipate difficult situations the way an experienced driver can. The perfect example of this is with the weather. Many teens don’t have experience with a car when it starts to slide or slip on ice and snow. Teens do not have the experience to anticipate the additional stopping distances that they need when there is severe weather. Their risk associates with their lack of experience and inability to predict what happens next.

Newly licensed drivers do not always understand the signs that they see. They may not interpret the signs and anticipate danger or difficult situations in the same ways; whether it be merging into traffic or erratic driving by others around them. Teenage drivers do not have the experience to understand and process the info the same way an experienced driver would.

Following an Accident

The first thing a parent should tell their teen to do in the event that they are involved in a Chicago car accident is to call the police and/or call 911 if there is any chance of injury, and then they need to call their parents. Adolescents need to let their parents know about the accident after they have contacted emergency services.

Certainly, anyone involved in an accident needs to get off the roadway and make sure that their condition and their situation is not going to cause the potential for an additional accident. But the most important thing is that they call the police, call emergency services, and then call their parents. From there, the parents can help to contact a Chicago teen driving accident lawyer.

Preventing Teen Accidents

One way Chicago teen driving accident attorneys can recommend to prevent an accident: limiting the teenager’s access to a car. Beyond this, parents should also spend time as a passenger driving with their child and allow them to experience driving at different times and conditions throughout the day. Further, when ready, parents should teach their teen how to merge on to and exit off of highways. In order to gain experience, it is important for teens to drive on different types of roadways including side streets, busy streets, expressways, and highways.

Benefits of a Chicago Teen Driving Accident Lawyer

Parents of a teen who has been in a car accident should get the help of a Chicago teen driving accident lawyer who has experience handling insurance claims involving young drivers. A skilled lawyer will work to protect their client’s rights, regardless of age and their experience behind the wheel, and hold the negligent party responsible for damages.