Chicago Car Accidents Involving Icy Roads

Icy roads are a serious issue in Chicago and contribute to many car accidents throughout the winter months. Although Chicago is well equipped for ice and snow on the roads, hazardous driving conditions present themselves. Icy roads limit drivers’ ability to control their vehicles; once a car loses its contact with the road, the ability to regain control is significantly compromised. This increases the chances of striking another vehicle and causing an accident.

Icy roads in Chicago and across Illinois can be extremely dangerous. Given the city’s proximity to Lake Michigan, Chicago’s weather often changes dramatically, and quickly. Throughout the winter, very high wind chill factors can cause ice to form on the roadways with very little notice. When drivers don’t expect slick conditions, icy patches on the roads can present tremendous hazards to travelers on the roadways. When these elements lead to an accident, it is important to consult with a Chicago auto accident lawyer to determine whether another driver’s negligence may have led to the accident and whether compensation may be available for the damages suffered. To learn more about the impact of icy roads on your injury claim and the steps an attorney can take to help, call and schedule a consultation with our firm today.

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Steps to Take After An Accident

When driving in Chicago under icy circumstances, the most important factor to consider is speed. Road conditions can change very quickly from one stretch of highway to the next. Black ice is a very thin, almost invisible layer of ice that can occur even after the city or county plows a roadway. Slowing down and driving knowing that road conditions can change mile-to-mile on a highway keeps one safe on Chicago’s icy roads.

As in any car accident case, after an icy road accident, it is critical to take pictures of the accident scene. Collecting evidence of the damage sustained by any vehicles involved and documenting the scene of the accident is important to begin constructing an injury case.

Available Damages

A Chicago car accident involving icy roads and bad weather does not necessarily limit the damages that are available. There is no limitation on damages from an accident where icy road conditions contributed to the accident.

Victims can receive damages toward recovery for medical expenses, car damage, lost time or wages at work.

Proving Icy Roads

The most significant forms of proof needed:

  • Personal statements and also accounts of the accident by those involved.
  • Lastly, Statement of any other witnesses who saw the accident occur.

An individual doesn’t need to be an expert to testify that they could tell that the car started sliding on ice. Eyewitness accounts are the most important form of proof that road conditions contributed to the accident.

The testimony will primarily prove that the ice was there. Photographs can absolutely help; the primary way to prove that the ice was a contributory factor is through witness testimony. Supplemental information gathered from weather reports documenting below freezing temperatures can also contribute to an injury case.

Working With a Chicago Icy Roads Attorney

A personal injury lawyer plays a critical role in collecting evidence associated with their client’s Chicago icy road accident. They ensure that the client understands what certain step will protect the individual and their case. Lawyers need to begin gathering evidence as they start to build a case. This begins with preserving the evidence necessary to maximize the case’s value. Our firm will help seek compensation that the injured party deserves for the pain and also suffering.

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