Chicago Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision is a collision where the front end of one car strikes the front end of another car. Oftentimes, head-on collisions can occur in construction zones where lanes become difficult to determine. They can occur on side streets or small streets and also in intersections. They may occur because one car attempts to make a left-hand turn through an intersection, does not see a car coming in the opposite direction, and the two cars will strike each other nearly head on.

These accidents can have serious repercussions and resulting injuries, so it is important to work with a skilled auto accident lawyer right away following an accident to begin your case for compensation. A Chicago head-on collision attorney can be your best asset in bringing your claim forward.

Potential Injuries

Head-on collisions are extremely dangerous. Because the individual is thrown towards the front of the car, there are often many leg and foot injuries because people’s legs are slammed into the front space of the car, the dashboard area of the car, or knees strike the lower edge of the dashboard. If the airbags fail, people have a risk of head and chest trauma, hitting the steering wheel.

If not a direct head-on collision, people risk striking their head against the driver’s side window. When not wearing their seat belts, occupants have a serious risk of being thrown from the vehicle. When thrown from a vehicle, passengers have the greatest risk of the most significant injuries.

Assigning Fault

The location of where the impact occurs is often important when assigning fault in head-on collision accidents. A skilled Chicago head-on collision lawyer will help analyze the fault in relation to the collision and the location. In a left-hand turn case, a front driver’s side of the plaintiff’s car strikes the front passenger’s side and the accident occurred in the plaintiff’s lane.

The damage to the vehicles and the location of where the accident occurred indicated that the defendant crossed the center line, began to turn into the plaintiff’s lane, and therefore caused the accident and is responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries. In these cases, an analysis of the damage to the vehicles and where the cars were at the point of impact can often assist in the analysis of who is at fault for the accident.

Factors Impacting Liability with a Chicago Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision in Chicago is going to occur when somebody crosses a dividing line between oncoming traffic. Contributory negligence can become a factor impacting potential liability as a result of a variety of situations. The failure to wear a seat-belt shows negligence and relate to the extent of their injuries.

A plaintiff must take all reasonable steps to avoid an accident. So, if a plaintiff is driving too fast for conditions or fails to avoid the car that crosses the center line, fails to break in time, going to fast as they enter in the intersection or immediately before the accident occurs; all those factors relate to the analysis of contributory negligence. Every party has an obligation to keep their vehicle under control to avoid head-on collision car accidents.

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