Aurora Slip and Fall Lawyer

Those who suffer a serious slip and fall accident erroneously chalk the experience up to their own clumsiness, when in fact another party’s negligence was actually to blame.

The truth of the matter is that incidents can and regularly do produce debilitating injuries and lasting impairment. An Aurora slip and fall lawyer can help explore the facts of your case. Let an adept personal injury attorney help determine if you may be eligible for substantial compensation.

Dangerous Prevalence of Accidental Falls

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every five fall events results in serious injuries that include head trauma and bone fractures. Roughly 800,000 individuals annually require hospitalization after a fall; with direct medical expenses stemming from those scenarios totaling more than $31 billion. Considering the wide array of harm capable of occurring due to a slip and fall; such staggering figures should really come as no surprise.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Incidents

As most everyone understands, a slip, trip or fall can happen anywhere. Accidents of this nature are the direct result of a property owner or manager’s failure to monitor and maintain the premises under their control.

Dangerous conditions known to produce significant types of harm to visitors and passersby include:

Where Actionable Injuries Often Occur

Again, there is virtually no limit to the array of locations and situations in which an individual can sustain severe slip and fall injuries. It is quite common for events of this nature to happen in grocery stores, shopping malls, big-box retailers, office buildings, schools, parking lots, sidewalks, and anywhere else physical hazards may emerge due to property owner neglect or deliberate inaction.

Liability and Time Limits to File IL Slip and Fall Cases

In terms of securing accountability in a slip and fall injury case; courts will rely on general principles of negligence law. Absent demonstrable negligence on the part of the premises owner, no liability can attach. Thus, a plaintiff must establish that a duty owed to the injured party and that the owner did not maintain the premises; they created the hazard responsible for the injury or that the owner had an awareness of the danger but did not take action to remedy or warn visitors.

However, if someone wants to hold the at-fault party liable, their time is limited. The time to file a slip and fall lawsuit is strictly limited by 735 ILCS §5/13-202, and it is therefore incumbent upon victims to consult with an injury attorney as soon as possible following the event itself. An Aurora slip and fall lawyer prepares to serve as your strongest ally in the quest for justice.

What a Skilled Aurora Slip and Fall Attorney Can Do to Help

A skilled Aurora slip and fall lawyer will immediately set to work exploring the facts of each case to ascertain the specifics of the alleged hazard, the extent of the injury suffered, the value of losses sustained, and the property owner’s awareness of and role in the dangerous condition itself.

It will then be possible to determine the level of compensation for which a victim may be eligible, a figure which could include payment for medical bills, loss of pay, physical suffering, emotional trauma, and more.

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