Aurora Motorcycle Accidents

Although a motorcycle can travel at the speed as a car, the motorcycle, unlike a car, provides the driver with no protection in the event of a crash.  With all the speed and none of the protections of car, it should come as no surprise that bike accidents can cause serious injury and even death to riders.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that there were 4,586 deaths due to motorcycle accidents in 2014.

These statistics also show that motorcyclists are many times more likely to die in a crash than the occupants of a car.  Still further, motorcycle drivers suffer many more injuries per mile traveled than the occupants of a car. These numbers clearly show that motorcycle accidents pose serious threat of injury and death to those who choose to operate one.

Accidents of this type can result in devastating injuries that can instantly place a motorcycle accident victim in a difficult financial bind. The cost of medical care, rehab, and lost wages can cause a person and their family to experience significant financial difficulty. It is essential that an individual in a situation like this take immediate action to protect their rights and retain the services of an established personal injury attorney.

A financial recovery through a claim or lawsuit may be the only means available to a motorcycle victim to fully recover, both medically and financial, from the devastation cause by the accident. A Aurora motorcycle accident lawyer will have the proper knowledge about Illinois motorcycle laws and will be able to formulate the best plan to properly develop the related claim and recover all that a motorcycle accident victim may deserve.

Important Facts Regarding Aurora Motorcycle Accidents

The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that in 2012 there were a total of 4,231 motorcycle accidents. Of these accidents, approximately 148 motorcyclists lost their lives and 3,312 motorcyclists suffered injuries.

Although it is categorically true that riding on a motorcycle includes an inherent risk, there are certain maneuvers that have a higher risk for serious injury. For example, there were 2,258 motorcycle accidents where the motorcyclist was simply going straight ahead.

There were also 572 motorcycle accidents where the motorcyclist was skidding and losing control, along with 400 accidents where the motorcyclist was stopped in traffic and not moving.

These numbers clearly show that motorcycle accidents can happen at moments when riders least expect them. Not many riders could anticipate a crash when driving straight ahead or when they are stopped in traffic.

This is exactly the reason obtaining the services of a seasoned attorney is so important. A person never knows what could happen, and a Aurora motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to help them.

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Common Causes of Illinois Motorcycle Accidents

There are a variety of causes that can lead to a motorcycle accident in Illinois. Many of them range from simple maneuvers to complex and dangerous decisions made while on the road. Some of the common causes that warrant the attention of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Aurora include:

  • Crashes between motorcycles and also stationary objects
  • Road hazards such as potholes, icy conditions, uneven lanes, and debris in the street
  • Driving between two lanes of traffic or lane splitting
  • Lastly, driving while impaired, one of the most dangerous decisions that a motorcyclist can make.

These common causes can often result in motorcycle accidents that have detrimental consequences. Fatalities happen. Even survivors may face severe bodily injuries and head trauma that may permanently change the accident victim’s quality of life.

Benefits of An Experienced Injury Attorney

Injured due to a motorcycle accident? You should take proactive steps to protect your future and get the services of an attorney.

By hiring an attorney, a motorcycle accident victim creates a better chance to receive a favorable settlement from the responsible party and their insurance company, or secure a positive outcome in a lawsuit.

A Aurora motorcycle accident lawyer like those at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys will provide the professional advice and service needed to effectively combat the other party’s insurance company or legal team. If the goal is to secure a long-term future, then every victim should contact an attorney. So, contact us today!