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Pain that slowly increases days after an accident could be a symptom of a soft tissue injury. You may also notice that your movements become stiffer and your muscles start to feel sore. That is why it is important that you receive a timely examination from a doctor to help determine the types of injuries you have and the amount of treatment you will need after an accident. Waiting days could result in less compensation for the pain and damages you received.

The most common accidents that result in soft tissue injuries are:

You should also consult a Northwest Indiana soft tissue injury attorney before you contact an insurance agency as soon as possible. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney will know the proper questions to ask and answers to give to the insurance agents so that you have a better opportunity to receive the most compensation for your insurance claim.

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Types of Injuries

After a thorough medical exam and evaluation, your doctor may state that pain and suffering are caused by damage to your soft tissue. Injuries to soft tissue are caused when muscles, tendons or ligaments are force to move in an abnormal way. Types of tissue damage include stress fractures, deep bruising, whiplash and sprains and strains to ankles or wrists.

Your doctor will create a treatment plan to help with the healing process. This plan may include medication and frequent therapy sessions which takes time away from work and increased medical bills. At our firm, our soft tissue injury attorneys in Northwest Indiana are here to help you 24/7. We will handle calls to debtors and insurance companies so that you can focus on healing.

Northwest Indiana Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer

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