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Bicycles provide substantially less protection than motor vehicles. Those vulnerabilities require motorists to exercise an abundance of caution when cyclists are present. Motorists do not always exercise an appropriate level of caution, especially those reluctant to share the road. When a motorist causes a vehicle-bicycle accident, the injuries to the cyclist may be serious, and even life-threatening.Injured? Contact a skilled Maywood bicycle accident lawyer who can evaluate your case and help you get the compensation that you deserve

A cyclist may be unaware of their legal rights and that lack of knowledge could negatively impact their case following an accident. If you were injured in a bicycle accident, you may be eligible for compensatory damages and, in some cases, punitive damages with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney.

Comparative Fault

Illinois follows a modified comparative fault standard in personal injury cases, which includes bicycle accident cases. Under this standard, even if the cyclist bears some fault for the accident, the cyclist and their Maywood bike accident lawyer may still recover damages.

Comparative fault allows for a percentage of fault to be assigned to each party who contributed to the cause of the accident. The percentage of fault that is attributable to the accident victim proportionality reduces the damage award that for the accident victim may recover.

Under a modified comparative fault standard, the victim cannot recover any damages if they are more than 50% responsible.

Damage Award

A damage award is the financial compensation paid to an accident victim to compensate them for their losses. A damage award includes compensatory damages, which are repayment for actual losses.

In this most egregious cases involving special circumstances, an accident victim and their Maywood bicycle accident attorney may also recover punitive damages, a financial award designed to punish the other party. If someone drove drunk or otherwise negligently or recklessly impaired, you may pursue punitive damages.

Compensatory damages may include, but not limited to:

  • Cost of medical treatment,
  • Follow-up treatment,
  • Replacing a bicycle,
  • Lastly lost income if unable to work.

Non-economic damages are financial awards for injuries, such as pain and suffering and/or loss of enjoyment of life.

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