Recoverable Damages after a Chicago Car Accident

Following a car accident in Chicago, individuals can receive recoverable damages for medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering. When someone has to miss work and they are an hourly employee, or if they must be away from work to recover from their injuries, it costs them precious time that would otherwise be spent working toward earning income. These losses become part of the damage calculation as well. Medical expenses include treatment costs of any medical attention received as a result of the car accident, and are often used to measure the level of a person’s pain and suffering, which the law provides people the opportunity to recover for.

The party who caused the accident is responsible for paying back property damages, along with covering the cost of the injuries sustained. If you are seeking damages after being in a Chicago car accident, an experienced auto injury attorney can help.

Recovering Damages

Coverage for damages is explained on the declaration page of the person’s auto insurance policy. First, there is collision coverage for the damage to the car. Liability coverage pays for their responsibility to the person that they hit. Sometimes, MedPay coverage pays for medical bills incurred as a result of an accident without consideration of who caused the accident.

There is also underinsured motorist coverage, which every driver should have for a situation in which a person’s injury exceeds the value of the other party’s liability coverage. For example, someone involved in an accident has $100,000 in medical bills and the person that hit them has only $25,000 in liability insurance. Once the injured party exhausts the other side’s liability coverage, they are able to address the claim through their own carrier under their underinsured motorist coverage.

The other aspect is uninsured motorist coverage where the person who caused the accident has no insurance whatsoever. Having under-insured and uninsured motorist coverage is important. Especially when dealing with people who caused the accident and do not have enough insurance or have no insurance.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

In Illinois, individuals may purchase a type of automobile insurance coverage known as Medical Payments Coverage Benefits or “Med Pay.”

MedPay allows a policy holder and other related parties which may include passengers; to seek reimbursement for reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to injuries arising from an automobile accident, regardless of fault.

It is important to understand that MedPay only covers the payment of medical bills. Typically, the amount of Med Pay coverage is $5000, but it may be higher after purchasing additional coverage.

Role of an Attorney

An attorney assesses the cause of the accident and identifies all of the possible responsible parties. Attorneys help their clients document and properly present the damages involved in their claim. They begin with gathering evidence to support both the injury and the cause of the accident. Lawyers deal, negotiate and persuade directly with insurance companies of the value of the claim. The attorney prepares and submits the claim to the adverse carrier to work toward a settlement. Sometimes settling isn’t an option. Lawyers advise clients on whether they should pursue that litigation, and continue to work with them.

Recoverable Damages After a Car Accident

After an accident, larger law firms immediately assign an attorney, a case manager, and a case manager assistant. The case manager’s role:

  • Assist the client in their day-to-day life when processing the accident,
  • Managing healthcare providers,
  • Lastly, coping with the challenges that come with a car accident.

An attorney can take steps to protect the interest of their client. They proceed to properly, thoroughly, and completely present their claim to the opposing carrier in order to maximize recoverable damages. Contact us today to get more info.

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