Chicago Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident occurs when one vehicle involved in the accident actually rolls. Specifically where the wheels of the car actually come off the ground. Also, the car rotates over on either its side or top. A rollover accident can happen where the car completely flips and ends up back on its wheels.

The damage to the vehicle and the risk of severe injuries is an unfortunate characteristic of rollover accidents. If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to compensation with the help of a skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer. Contact an experienced Chicago rollover accident lawyer right away to begin your case on in order to recover damages.

Accident Causes

In most rollover accidents in Chicago, speed is a factor, because it requires a fair amount of force to actually flip a car. Cars designs discourage flips so it requires a significant force or significant speed to cause them to roll. There are situations where a party could be struck by another car traveling at a high rate of speed.

Undivided roads and without barriers have a greater likelihood to be the scene of a rollover. Cars that leave the roadway can contribute to the physics required to cause a car to roll over.

Distraction, inattentiveness, speeding and, certainly, driving while impaired can play a significant role in rollover crashes. Failure to recognize and understand changes in the roadway; on a rural road, traveling at a high rate of speed, failure to recognize upcoming turns can all contribute.

Vehicle Size

Any type of vehicle can roll over, but certain types of vehicles that have more susceptibility to rollovers. A taller, narrow vehicle such as SUVs and pickups are susceptible to rolling over. A vehicle is more susceptible to rolling over if it has a higher center of gravity.

A lower sports or heavier car with a lower center of gravity, has a lesser chance of rolling over. However, sports cars can roll because they are capable of much greater speeds. But, as far as the type of car that can be more susceptible than others will roll over, cars with a slightly higher center of gravity especially if in a single-car accident.

Accident Prevention

A Chicago rollover accident occurs with cars that have a higher center of gravity. Strapping items to the top of the vehicle not designed for it, raises the center of gravity of a vehicle.

Being careful and maintaining the car correctly, correctly transporting items, and using the correct vehicle to transport objects can reduce the chances of a rollover. Controlling speed and understanding changes in the roadway, curves, hairpin turns and things of that nature, understanding the weather conditions and road conditions to make sure the driver keeps the vehicle on the road. Leaving the road can contribute and cause a rollover accident.

Contacting a Chicago Rollover Accident Lawyer

Following an accident, it is important for an individual to receive the necessary medical attention they need, and call the police immediately. They should also take pictures of the vehicle, the roadway and the accident scene and any other vehicles involved, and then take pictures of anything that may have contributed to the cause of the rollover.

Collecting any information regarding the repair history of the vehicle can contribute to it. Following these steps, they should contact a Chicago rollover accident lawyer. An experienced rollover accident attorney in Chicago can help prevent mistakes that often occur at the beginning of the accident or soon after an accident where a person makes an admission to an insurance company at the request of an interview by the adverse insurance company.

They can help the person understand and develop with the direction—at the direction of their healthcare provider a clear course of treatment, encourage them to stay on that course of treatment in order to get, to address and recover from their injuries, help them document and collect the needed documentation to properly present their claim and to maximize its value.

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