How to Avoid Las Vegas Summer Car Accidents

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Vegas summer car accidents

Summertime is a season of cookouts, pool lounging, vacations–everything we dream of when it’s cold outside! But more than just the temperature is on the rise. Just as accountants prepare for a barrage of tax-time situations between January and April, personal injury lawyers know that Las Vegas summer accidents spike along with the temperature.

From fender-benders to deadly crashes, when the thermometer eases upward, auto accidents increase. This is not simply coincidental. It is based on science. Contrary to popular belief, January in a blizzard is not the most dangerous time to drive–August in the desert is the most dangerous.

The Most Dangerous Times to Drive

When you drive during any Saturday in August, you’re driving during the most dangerous month of the year and on the most dangerous day of the week. There were over 40,000 U.S. vehicle deaths in 2017. More Vegas summer accidents were due to distracted driving than in the years before, the National Safety Council noted.

You see small roadway auto accidents almost every day. However, few of us realize the loss is about 110 people every day on U.S. roads. “If a hundred-seat airplane were crashing every day in the U.S., the air transportation system would be shut down with demands for the government to do something,” Russ Rader with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says. “But that doesn’t happen with auto crashes.”

Most Dangerous Intersections in Las Vegas

The Nevada Department of Public Safety reported that both car accident injuries and fatalities trended up going into 2020. Traffic accidents commonly occur at busy Las Vegas intersections. 

Many Las Vegas summer accidents attorneys are contacted about accidents occurring at the intersections of:

  • I-215 and I-15
  • Flamingo and Pecos Roads
  • Boulder Highway at Nellis Boulevard

If you’re driving through these intersections, please exercise caution. The increased traffic raises your chances of getting into a car accident. Pedestrians should also be especially careful in these areas.

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys You Can Trust

Lerner and Rowe hopes that Summer 2020 is terrific for you, your family, and all your loved ones. Have fun and be especially careful when driving this summer. Insurance companies can be helpful, but don’t forget, they are in business to make money. They often take actions that can save them – not you – money. Our team is dedicated to making sure that you get maximum compensation for any pain and suffering you’ve endured because of a car accident.

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