New Mexico Burn Injury Lawyer

Searching for an experienced New Mexico burn injury lawyer? If you are, no doubt either you or someone you love has recently suffered from such an injury. Treatment for burns can be extensive, and lead to high medical bills, lost time off work, and more. 

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New Mexico Burn Injury Lawyer

Understanding Degrees of Burn Injuries

There are many different kinds of burns, and they can be caused by different things. For instance, you probably think of typical heat and fire burns. However, electrical burns and chemical burns can also cause devastating injury. 

No matter what caused the burn, every burn varies in its degree of severity. You’ve probably heard of first, second, and third degree burns. But, did you know there is also a fourth degree burn? Here’s a breakdown of what each might look like.

  1. First degree burns cause damage to the outer layer of skin only. Often, the skin will heal, and won’t leave lasting damage.
  1. Second degree burns, on the other hand, cause damage past the outer skin layer into the dermis, which is beneath the top layer. These types of burns will cause swelling and blisters, and may develop scars. 
  1. Third degree burns cause damage beyond the dermis, into the fatty layer of tissue beneath the first two layers. These types of burns cause the skin to turn black, or appear leathery. These burns can cause nerve damage, too, that may last the rest of the victim’s life.
  1. Finally, fourth degree burns damage every layer of skin, down to the bones and muscles underneath. This type of injury can be catastrophic, as the burns may happen in areas across the body. 

When such injuries occur, you may wonder how victims are treated. Here are some typical treatments for burn injuries.

What Are Typical Treatments for Burn Injuries?

Of course, treatment is dictated by the severity of the burn. For first degree burns, treatment may just include monitoring the area and allowing it to heal. Second and third degree burns will require some amount of first aid, as well as treatment at a hospital. Here, a burn center team may prescribe pain medications or administer antibiotics to keep infection at bay. In cases of the most terrible third and fourth degree burns, the patient may need surgery, skin grafts, and therapy.

Regardless, the treatment following a burn injury may be quite involved. The burn may take months to fully heal, and still leave behind a scar or other lasting effects. And, with extensive treatment, victims will have to juggle recovery, work, and the rest of their life. They may even lose time off work, making it impossible to pay for these treatments and other medical expenses. One way to deal with this is to seek financial compensation for injuries by filing a personal injury claim.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Burn Injury in New Mexico?

If you have suffered a burn injury at no fault of your own, you may wonder about the connection between burn injury causes and liability. What is liability? If another party caused your burn injury, they are liable. 

So for example, in a New Mexico burn injury case, a driver who caused a car accident that led to a vehicle fire might be liable. 

Another example might be a trucking company, who failed to secure a chemical shipment. When chemicals spilled across the roadway, they caused burns, and the trucking company may be responsible.

Obviously, we could go into hundreds of scenarios that would dictate different liability examples. In the end, you need the assistance of knowledgeable New Mexico burn injury attorneys to determine exactly what caused your burn injury. Once they figure out who is responsible, you will be able to seek financial compensation.

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