Illinois Nursing Errors Attorney

Illinois Nursing Errors Attorney

Registered nurses and nurse practitioners are trained in a broad array of medical disciplines. Patients that visit a physician’s office or are convalescing in a hospital often spend far more time with nurses than doctors. Many nurses have a broad set of responsibilities that include, but are by no means limited to, diligently charting a patient’s health, administering medicine, drawing blood, and optimizing patient comfort.

The majority of America’s 3.9-million nurses do their jobs competently and take care of their patients well. Unfortunately, there are some that are guilty of medical malpractice. Mistakes made by nurse practitioners and registered nurses can result in patient harm and wrongful death. If you or a family member have suffered because of a nursing mistake, connecting with a Lerner and Rowe Illinois nursing errors attorney is imperative.

Types of Nursing Errors

Since nurses have a myriad of responsibilities, their potential mistakes span a wide variety of medical duties. Some common nursing errors you should be mindful of include:

Those are just some of the mistakes nurses can make. As you can see, they cover a broad array of medical practices that affect many different parts of the body. A nursing error can lead to additional sickness, the inability to lead a normal life, and wrongful death. Many of the professionally preventable mistakes nurses make are a result of incompetence or negligence. Those are unacceptable reasons for the deterioration of your health or the health of your family.

If you suspect that you or a family member are a victim of medical malpractice performed by a nurse, contact our Illinois nursing errors attorney team immediately. Our skilled lawyers are ready to serve you and attain the restitution you deserve.

Contact a Nursing Errors Attorney

When you connect with Learner and Rowe Injury Attorneys, you can expect talented professionals who will listen to your situation with care and help you get the support you need. You can also expect skilled lawyers that will fastidiously analyze your evidence and team with experts in the medical field in order to present the most compelling case possible. Finally, you can expect an Illinois nursing errors attorney who will serve as an unyielding advocate that will fight to get you the largest settlement possible. Remember, we do not charge fees unless your case is won, so earning your settlement is our utmost priority.

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