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Yuma Spinal Injury

Spinal cord injuries are often labeled as catastrophic injuries. Reason being that these types of injuries are accompanied by brain injuries, nerve damage, paralysis and loss of bodily control. The amount of time it takes to recover financially, physically, and emotionally from this type of injury can be staggering for the injured and those closest to them.

Missed work, piling medical bills and other major life changes can also be overwhelming and create feelings of hopelessness. If you suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI) due to another’s negligence, call a spinal cord injury lawyer in Yuma for help.

You may deserve compensation and our legal team can provide help to ensure that you recover the maximum amount possible for the unplanned and additional expenses that you now face.

What Are Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries?

Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending spinal cord injury victims and know how to handle complex traumatic spinal injury cases. Spinal injuries are commonly caused by a sudden and traumatic blow to the spine resulting from:

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What Are Different Types of SCIs?

There are two different types of spinal cord injuries: complete and partial/incomplete. An incomplete SCI refers to spinal damage that results in some feeling or movement below the injured area. Conversely, a complete spinal cord injury results in total loss of bodily function below the injured spinal area.

What Are Different Types of Paralysis Related to SCIs?

Direct injury to the spinal cord or indirect damage to the tissue and bones that surround the spinal cord after an accident can result in paralysis. The severity of muscle function loss greatly depends on the section of the spinal cord that was damaged. 


Most noteworthy, the higher an injury occurs on the spinal cord the more significant amount of paralysis an individual will experience. 

Different types of paralysis related to SCIs include:

Quadriplegia—The most extensive form of paralysis that results in diminished or absent movement in the trunk and all four limbs to include arms, legs, hands, and feet. Additional symptoms may include difficulty breathing, swallowing, and control of bowels/bladder. Furthermore, a Quadriplegic will have suffered catastrophic damage to the cervical section of the spinal cord.

Paraplegia — Partial paralysis that most commonly results in loss of function below the waist from damage to the sacral or thoracic section of the spinal cord. 

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  • Financial obligations
  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Emotional support 
  • Adaptive equipment

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