Las Vegas Car Accident Settlements

An important aspect of a car accident case is the calculation, determination, and negotiation of a potential settlement. When someone prepares for their initial consultation with a distinguished car accident lawyer, they should bring the police report, a copy of their insurance card, and the policy information. If available, the person should bring photographs of the vehicles involved and any medical bills they were received to date. Las Vegas car accident attorneys have the experience to deal with the insurance companies and help potential clients make the best decision.

The injured person and their attorney make a demand for Las Vegas car accident settlements based on the medical bills, potential lost wages or future lost wages, and any future medical bills. The amount of the settlement is always dependent on the policy limit. When there are significant medical expenses and minimal policy limits of $15,000 or $25,000, the attorney demands the policy limit. Ultimately, the victim determines the settlement. The attorney cannot settle the case if the injured person does not agree to settle. Based on offers made by the insurance company and discussions with the victim, the case can resolve in a relatively amicable manner.

Settlement Process

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Settlements may not be timely. Las Vegas car accident settlements are based on the type of injury, the amount of treatment necessary, and whether the insurance company plays fair. The injured person should maintain constant communication with their attorney and comply with anything the doctor tells them to do so that they can get better.

As part of the settlement process, the individual treats to the extent of their injuries. If they are not better and there is a small policy limit, the attorney can submit a demand package to the insurance company and begin discussing potential amounts of settlement. Either the case resolves and they are okay with it or the case does not resolve because the amount is insufficient to compensate the victim. When the attorney and the individual do not like the settlement offer, they may argue the insurance company’s assessment.

Potential Negotiation Issues

One of the issues a person might encounter when negotiating a settlement is the fact that they have some liability. A person could tell their attorney that they never had another accident, when they had many accidents. Individuals should not lie to their attorney. If the individual lies to their attorney, the attorney could drop the case. The only thing they cannot help with credibility once lost.

Other issues in Las Vegas car accident settlements relate to the types of injuries. Soft-tissue injuries do not have the same value as more serious injuries. The biggest issue currently is the property damage to the vehicle. Insurance companies may argue a person with minor soft-tissue injuries with property damage less than $1,000 cannot be hurt. Bumpers are getting better so there is less damage to the vehicle. However, the energy forces of impact are still transferred to the occupants of the vehicle. While the damage to the vehicle is minimal, the occupant can still be seriously injured.

Role of an Accident Victim

When considering Las Vegas car accident settlements, the injured should consider the costs associated with a case, and the length of time. In that case, the person does not get anything and is responsible for the other party’s attorney’s fees. An injured person wants to hire an attorney with a lot of experience handling car accident cases. Skilled lawyers in Las Vegas have the experience to deal with the insurance companies. They will also help individuals make the best decision.

Benefit of an Attorney

The American Council of Life Insurers found that people who have an attorney get three times more than people that do not have an attorney. An experienced car accident attorney can handle an accident case better than the person who has their first car accident. The insurance company may try to intimidate. Car accident lawyers have experience handling Las Vegas car accident settlements. They can fight unscrupulous insurance companies and help make victims whole.