Illinois Emergency Room Errors and Malpractice

Illinois Emergency Room Errors and Malpractice
If you suffer from Illinois emergency room errors and malpractice, contact Lerner and Rowe right away.

Medical emergencies can be frightening and stressful to deal with. When you visit the Emergency Room (ER), you trust that the healthcare professionals there will take care of you in the best way possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Negligent healthcare professionals can sometimes make your medical condition worse instead of better. Their errors may even result in wrongful death. When this happens, contact Lerner and Rowe’s medical malpractice team. 

What is an Emergency Room Error?

An emergency room error occurs when a doctor, nurse, healthcare professional, staff member, or other person makes a mistake while caring for a patient in the ER. Emergency room errors come in many forms and have various causes. Here are some common emergency room errors to look out for:

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other instances of emergency room errors. The important thing to remember, though, is that all instances of emergency room errors have some things in common: a medical relationship, negligence, and harm. These things constitute emergency room errors and medical malpractice in general.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Emergency room errors are only one subset of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional acts negligently and ends up harming a patient. As mentioned before, there are three things needed to constitute medical malpractice: a medical relationship, negligent behavior, and resultant harm.

What Can Be Done?

You suffered an emergency room injury. What now? First, don’t lose hope; there are some things you can do to increase your chances of recovery and compensation.

Suffer an Illinois Emergency Room Malpractice Injury?

If you suffered an Illinois emergency room malpractice injury, contact Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys right away. Our well-equipped malpractice team knows the ins and outs of medical malpractice law and will relentlessly pursue your just compensation.

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