Chicago Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

Rollover accidents occur when a vehicle becomes disconnected with the roadway and rolls off of its wheels, causing it to land on either the truck’s side or top. Rollovers tend to be serious accident scenarios, given the potential for extreme damages to be sustained when a truck flips over. Severe injuries frequently occur as does significant property damage to the truck or other vehicles involved.

If you have been involved a rollover truck accident, it is important to get the help of a skilled truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. A Chicago rollover truck accident lawyer can help fight for your right to compensation while you focus on your recovery.

Chicago Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

Common Causes

On Chicago roads,  courts generally attribute rollover truck accidents to driver error. Operation mistakes happen when drivers drive too fast, or approaching a curve too quickly. However, they also frequently tie to driving in poor weather conditions.

The most common cause of Chicago rollover truck accidents is excessive speed. It takes a tremendous amount of force to flip a truck. Creating enough force to flip the truck is usually the result of too much speed for the conditions and circumstances.

Preventative Measures

There are several preventative measures that truck drivers can take to avoid rollover accidents in Chicago. This includes:

  • Slowing down,
  • Maintaining control of the vehicle,
  • And lastly, anticipating the conditions and the design of the road.

Drivers should understand the capabilities of the car they operate and know how to control it; whether that be on a curve, a hill, or in dangerous conditions.

Trucks are unique primarily because they are designed to carry a load; the weight of that load is not always consistent. Trucks transport goods and materials; properly loading the truck in order to understand the exact capabilities. Its ability to carry a specific load is a crucial component of safe driving. Those involved need to consistently make sure that the load is properly installed, positioned, and well thought out as to how the materials are being carried in order for the driver to transport safely.

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Poor Weather

Inclement weather often comes as a surprise to drivers already on their way, and many people are not in the habit of performing a detailed check of all possible weather and driving conditions before they head out on the road. Sometimes caught in a snow storm or ice storm creates circumstances where trucks can more easily lose stability on the roadway.

Weather conditions often play a significant role in rollover accidents in Chicago, with weather contributing to circumstances in which a vehicle can slip, which can lead to situations such as sliding off the side of a roadway and rolling down any present embankments.

Documenting Accidents

If capable, individuals, involved in an accident should take pictures of the roadway, the vehicle, the surrounding areas, and anything else that can help supplement the full documentation of the accident as soon after it occurred as possible. Following an accident, the most important issue to address is any occurrence of injury, but if the involved parties are able to begin documenting the scene and are not in need of immediate medical care, any effort to photograph the accident scene is helpful toward eventually building the injury case.

Working with a Chicago Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

A Chicago rollover truck accident attorney can immediately begin to protect the interest of the injured party. The driver or passenger can help their attorney by providing all info they have, including any collected at the scene. This includes any contact information provided by any witnesses. Any information a client can provide their attorney can help to investigate the causes of the rollover. A skilled Chicago rollover truck accident lawyer can begin to piece together the evidence necessary to pursue a claim. Contact us today for more info. Call us at 708-222-2222 We look forward to hearing from you.