Chicago Taxi Driver Accident Lawyer

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Common carriers include various conveyances and devices, which describes planes, ships, buses, taxi cabs, limousines, and amusement devices, among others. A common carrier has a duty to maintain the safety of its passengers. A common carrier owes its passengers the highest degree of care consistent with the type of vehicle used in practical operation.

When an accident occurs in a common carrier, the passenger may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. In an accident? You should contact a Chicago taxi driver accident lawyer right away to begin your case. A skilled car accident attorney can explain all necessary information to you regarding common carrier laws and potential damages you may recover.

Duty of a Common Carrier

The relationship between a passenger and a carrier exists only when:

  • Person is boarding,
  • Upon,
  • Alighting from the carrier’s vehicle.

When the crash injured passenger on a common carrier, they aren’t a guarantor of the passenger’s safety. However, it has a duty to its passengers to use the highest degree of care consistent with its business as a common carrier. Its failure to fulfill this duty is negligence.

A common carrier’s duties extend to its employees and other passengers, as well as strangers. A common carrier order is taken up by a contract of the carriage to protect its passengers. A Chicago taxi driver has a contractual obligation to protect their passengers. Therefore, the carrier is responsible for the injury caused by the intentional act of its employees; regardless of whether the act was within the actual or apparent scope of the employee’s authority. Definitional duty ends once the passenger has safely departed from the carrier and has reached the place of safety.

Illinois imposes the highest degree of care to protect their passengers from assault, injury, or abuse by other passengers. Where the common carrier knows from acts or circumstances that previously existed, it should anticipate the danger of an assault to a passenger by a fellow passenger that it has a duty to exercise the highest degree of care to protect the passenger from such abuse, injury or assault. However, this duty only arises when the carrier has actual notice of a danger or notice of facts and circumstances that a danger probably exists.

Recovering Damages

If someone has been in a taxi accident in Chicago, they will need to gather all information regarding the accident, such as any identification information from the driver: their number, their cab number, the name of the cab company and any contact information about the cab company as well. Any additional information about the driver themselves, their license and the common carrier for whom they work is important for a claim later on.

The manner of action following a Chicago taxi accident is very similar to other motor vehicle accidents. Presenting a settlement demand on the taxi company and their carrier is how it begins; with the help of a Chicago taxi driver lawyer. You could bring a lawsuit against the driver of the taxi and the common carrier as well as the taxi company.

It differs because of the different insurance laws associated with common carriers and the amount of insurance coverage that a person must carry for their taxi cabs. So, there is going to be a greater chance of a higher policy limit and the ability to collect greater damages because of the enhanced policy limits, assuming that the injury requires a higher demand.

Working with an Chicago Taxi Driver Accident Lawyer

The taxi driver and company are particularly sophisticated with automobile accidents. Because taxi drivers are common carriers, that is a person’s business. That person usually has a great deal of experience in dealing with accidents.

It is particularly important to hire a Chicago taxi driver accident lawyer. The common carrier is going to have an attorney dealing with and supervising the claim. A plaintiff will be at a distinct disadvantage for compensation for the injuries and the damages suffered.