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Buses offer individuals a relatively cheap and safe mode of transportation, and virtually everyone has been on a bus at some point in time. Some buses companies specialize in providing tours of popular destinations, while individual cities own other companies  and only transport individuals from one part of town to another. Unfortunately, buses can crash and other drivers can drive recklessly. When they crash, their victims are often left with painful and expensive injuries that require extensive medical treatment.

After an accident, victims frequently choose to seek compensation with the aid of a Henderson bus accident lawyer. Injured in a crash? You may be able to receive compensation for lost wages, everyday living expenses, and medical bills.

Bus companies must exercise a higher level of caution; if they do not, they should have accountability for their negligence. Contact a skilled injury lawyer in Henderson for assistance in your claim.

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What Is a Common Carrier?

Bus companies of all types are classified as “common carriers” by the state and the federal government. Common carriers are defined as companies that use vehicles to transport individuals from one location to another for a fee.

In addition to buses, other forms of transportation such as cruise ships, airplanes and taxis are considered common carriers, and due to the large volume of passengers they transport on a daily basis, they are required to exercise a higher degree of caution than private citizens.

If the drivers exercise the appropriate amount of caution, they cannot receive liability. However, if a Henderson bus accident lawyer can prove they did not exercise a reasonable amount of caution, their passengers may receive financial compensation.

Who’s Liable After an Accident?

After a serious accident, many individuals automatically assume the driver of the bus is the only responsible party. This is untrue, and contrary to popular belief, crash victims may be able to hold multiple individuals or organizations liable in court. In addition to the driver of the bus, victims may be able to hold the following entities responsible:

With help from a qualified Henderson bus accident lawyer, it is possible for individuals to get compensation for their injuries.

Get Help From a Henderson Bus Accident Attorney Today

Taking legal action against a large bus company can be intimidating. However, with help from a seasoned Henderson bus accident lawyer, you can level the playing field in court.

When filing a case, you will be dealing with numerous parties, including insurance and representatives from the bus company itself. Contact an attorney today to learn more about filing a claim.