Steps to Take Following a Chicago Head-On Collision Accident

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The very first thing an individual should do following a head-on collision in Chicago: seek medical treatment for any injuries sustained. Following this action, collecting evidence is another important thing to remember. It can have a huge impact on your injury claim. This includes photographs of the vehicles involved, the estimated repair bills; if the crash totaled the car: that the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds the value of the car itself. If the accident occurs at an intersection, there may be traffic cameras or local businesses in the area or nearby may have security cameras. Any chance an attorney has to get a video of the accident itself becomes important.

Identifying from the police report:

Communicating with Insurance

The next important step following a head on collision in Chicago should include contacting the insurance company. Let them know about the plaintiff’s counsel and eliminate any chances; efforts of the adverse parties from contacting the client directly. They should be sure that the client understands that they are not to discuss their injuries or the cause of the accident with anyone other than their own lawyer or someone from the lawyer’s office.

At that point, the case will be continually evaluated as the course of treatment continues. Once the treatment ends, the lawyer will prepare a settlement demand on the adverse insurance company. If a settlement cannot be reached, then the lawyer will consult with the client regarding filing a lawsuit in court.

Other important action in a case:

  • Evaluate and determine the defendant,
  • Identify the owners of the vehicles,
  • Determine if the person was working
  • Acting within the scope of their employment at the time of the accident?
  • Identify any other possible defendants including their employers or any business that may have been involved,
  • Trying to identify any and all possible parties responsible for the accident
  • Lastly, whether they have an insurance for the accident that could provide funds to cover the damages suffered by the accident victim.

Following Up with Doctors

Following a head on collision in Chicago, it is important for an individual to receive necessary medical attention and to immediately begin to review and analyze the nature of the injuries and the extent of the injuries and be able to assess and understand the course of treatment they will have to follow.

It is most important for a plaintiff to make sure that they are continually working with their medical providers to develop and follow a reasonable and appropriate course of medical treatment to recover from their injuries.

A case becomes complicated and could lose value, even when they are at the beginning of the treatment or throughout the treatment if gaps occur where the client stops for a period of time from receiving treatment. While there are many reasonable explanations for a client to miss treatment, it does have an impact on the value of their case. A skilled accident attorney can help them keep up with their treatment and keep all necessary documentation.

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