Calculating Damages after a Las Vegas Car Accident

When calculating non-economic damages after a Las Vegas car accident, the insurance company, injured person or jury decide how the individual’s life was affected by the accident. In doing so, they calculate an acceptable amount of damages for the individual to accept. 99% of the time, the amount of non-economic damages is dictated by the size of the insurance policy the injured party has. This means that no matter how much pain and suffering there is attributable to a certain case; if there is not sufficient coverage then there is not sufficient compensation.
If you have faced injuries from a collision due to the negligence of someone else, contact a compassionate car accident lawyer to begin filing your claim for accident damages. It may be critical for you to speak with a skilled attorney regarding the future of your recovery.

Likelihood of Capping Damages

There are no caps considered when calculating damages after a Las Vegas car accident. A cap means someone can recover only up to so much. Some states have caps on punitive damages and on noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. However, it is typical of juries to award an individual with all the possible economic damages in their case. If someone has a million dollars in medical bills and future medicals of a million dollars, the jury gives that person all the medical bills and future medical bills. They might only give half the million or so in pain and suffering. It depends on the variables. A jury doesn’t wish to make someone a millionaire unless affected to a considerable degree.

Role of the Insurance Company

When calculating damages after a Las Vegas car accident, an attorney will first contact the insurance company to inform them that they are representing the potential client. Local lawyers can deal with the doctors and medical professionals on the individual’s behalf. They can collect the person’s medical bills as well. When a policy limit and the person’s medical bills exceed that, they cannot pay them based on the policy limit; attorneys can negotiate and put together a package so they do not get into debt.

Benefit of an Attorney

When someone works with an attorney, they have a much higher chance of recovering appropriate damages. The insurance companies have been processing claims for 26 years. To start calculating damages after a Las Vegas car accident, speak with an experienced lawyer. Their experience should include dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjusters. Proper legal representation can work very hard to ensure potential clients recover as much as possible. An individual with no experience dealing with insurance companies may accept a check for $500. They may not realize that they signed away their rights when they cashed the check. The last thing anybody should ever do is sign anything that an insurance company sends them without having a car accident lawyer review the claim first.