Las Vegas: Medical Expenses Explode for Injured Bicyclists

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Las Vegas is trying to become a biker’s paradise by creating paths and urging non-bikers to start riding. With these improvements, it is important to have a Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyer by your side to ensure you get the compensation you deserve if hurt.

Motorists and cyclists must share the road and look out for each other in Nevada. Biking provides both health and environmental perks. You start to loose weight and even breathe better. Daily activities are easier too.

Nevada’s three-foot rule requires that a driver place three feet between their vehicle and a bicycle. It also mandates that a driver move one lane away from a cyclist on a multi-lane road. Unfortunately, many drivers are not aware of the rule or don’t follow it.

With biking’s rise in popularity comes more crashes, and spiking medical costs which especially affects older Americans over 45, according to a June study from UC San Francisco.

The report calculated that medical costs of bicycle injuries to adults nationwide at over $237 billion from 1997 to 2013. There were 3.8 million non-deadly bike injuries and around 9,800 deaths during the same time.

Interestingly, more men were involved in crashes than women. They were in over 75% of reported crashes. The study also found that in the last 15 years across the US, hospitals saw 120% more bike crash injuries.

Why Do I Need a Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Lawyer

While most drivers look out for other cars and trucks, they don’t look for bikers or motorcyclists. Accidents with bikes and motorcycles are always more serious, since they have far less protection than a car.

Bike accidents are always devastating to the rider. Bicyclists who are hurt could suffer head trauma, spinal injuries, or brain damage, even when wearing a helmet, The state of Nevada doesn’t require helmets, but it could save your life to do so. Safety first. Always wear protective gear when out and about.

If someone in a car drives recklessly or doesn’t see a biker, the biker will suffer deadly injuries. A Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyer who has had experience in these matters can help an injured bike rider. Contact us today to learn how. Don’t wait.