Reno Taxi Accidents Lawyer

One of the reasons Reno is known as the “Biggest Little City in the World” is because of the wide variety of activities to enjoy. When these activities involve drinking or strenuous physical activity, using a taxi service is often better than driving yourself. While taxis are generally safe, accidents can happen at any time. Should you suffer an accident caused by a cab driver or are injured in one as a taxi passenger then contact a Reno taxi accidents lawyer for immediate assistance.

The Reno personal injury lawyer from Lerner and Rowe are available 24/7 at 775-644-4444. Our staff will help you find any medical you need and start your free consultation. With various parties involved, Reno taxi accidents can be more complicated than standard car accidents. However, that doesn’t mean that you should have to wait longer for money that’s rightfully yours. Take the first step towards the settlement that you deserve and call us today.


Why Reno Taxi Accidents Can Be Complicated

When you get into a car accident, you’re mostly dealing with another driver’s insurance company. When you get into an accident involving a cab driver, then you may have to deal with multiple entities: the taxi company, the cab company’s insurance agency, and the cab driver’s insurance agency. Every layer added can make getting a fair injury settlement exponentially more difficult.

The problem is that each party will want to pay out as little money as possible, regardless of the responsible party. Insurance companies and taxi companies are, after all, profit-driven businesses. While these companies are trying to do what’s right for their owners or shareholders, doing what’s best for the injury victim is not their concern.

Why You Need a Reno Taxi Accidents Lawyer

Hiring an experienced Reno taxi accidents attorney will allow you to focus on rest and recovery, while having full confidence that your legal affairs are being handled expertly and expeditiously. Lerner and Rowe’s Reno personal injury attorney has extensive experience representing taxi accident victims. They know how to navigate the complexities of cases involving multiple parties in order to get clients the highest possible settlement.

If you’ve suffered a Reno taxicab injury then you shouldn’t have to worry about multiple entities shifting blame as they try to delay and deny paying you a fair settlement. Lerner and Rowe takes great pride in helping clients carry the burden of their injuries by giving them complete confidence that their legal affairs are being handled in the best way possible. If you’re interested in getting the settlement you deserve in the most worry-free way possible then Lerner and Rowe is the way to go.

Contact Lerner and Rowe

Were you in a taxi wreck and need a check? If so then make one call, that’s all. A call to Lerner and Rowe is the best call you can make. That’s a guarantee. If you still have doubts then remember that consultations are free and that we work under a “no fee promise,” which means that you don’t pay a cent in legal fees unless money has been recovered on your behalf. Our Reno taxi accidents lawyer is one of many Lerner and Rowe attorneys that have helped win billions of dollars for our clients, including $1-billion in the last 5 years alone.

Lerner and Rowe is focused on one thing–fighting insurance companies that go out of their way to undervalue your injury claim. The truth is that if insurance companies were fair then you wouldn’t need an attorney. Unfortunately, in most cases they are not fair and you need an experienced lawyer looking out for your best interests. 

Take the first step towards the settlement that you deserve and contact our Reno injury attorney by phone at 775-644-4444 or online through LiveChat and secure contact form