Reno Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury from a slip and fall in Reno, it’s time to seek out a Reno slip and fall lawyer. Why? Slip and fall accidents can cause significant injury, and can cause the victim to require months–and even years–of medical care. Sometimes, the injuries are so severe that they may need medical attention for the rest of their lives. 

Of course, this not only affects the victim, but the victim’s family as well. Plans for the future change, as wages from the victim’s income may be affected. Often, loans are taken out to cover incoming medical bills (and even home improvement costs, for those who now need a wheelchair). Of course, this all comes at a cost- emotionally, physically, and financially.

Reno Slip and Fall Lawyer

That’s where the Reno personal injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe can help. We have handled slip and fall cases for many years, and know exactly what we can do to help your family. We aren’t afraid to go to court for you–and that’s why our office is so close to the courthouse. Moreover, our Reno office is staffed by Reno area locals–not transplants from Las Vegas. This makes your accident even more personal, and close to our hearts. We fight for you and the people that love living here. To set up your free case evaluation and consultation, call 775-644-4444, fill out this FREE online form, or text via LiveChat

What Slip and Fall Accident Injuries Can Happen in Reno?

You might consider slip and fall accident injuries in Reno a “lesser” accident than a truck or motor vehicle accident. However, victims that suffer an injury from a slip and fall can certainly experience life-altering effects. For example, those that have been injured in a slip and fall accident may experience:

Shoulder, wrist, and arm injuries are also common, as victims attempt to catch themselves in their fall. Each one of these injuries can cause significant harm, resulting in any consequence from time lost from work to a lifetime in a wheelchair.

10+ Common Causes of Slip and Falls

Of course, slip and fall accidents have many causes, and each are nuanced according to location. One of the most common scenarios is wet flooring, perhaps from a spill or water leak. However, slip and falls have many other causes, like: 

  1. Broken flooring/stairs
  2. Broken or missing handrails 
  3. Debris 
  4. Flooring surfaces that are uneven
  5. Grease on the floor
  6. Floors that have recently been cleaned
  7. Worn carpet
  8. Folded rugs
  9. Exposed cords
  10. Dark walking areas with little to no lighting

Sometimes a combination of these conditions can cause a victim to slip and fall, resulting in an injury. Then, it’s up to their personal injury lawyer to prove who was at fault for the accident so that the victim may collect financial compensation.

What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Reno, NV?

After a slip and fall injury in Reno, NV, you should seek medical attention. If possible, take photos of the area, specifically the hazard that caused your fall. 

Once a doctor sees you, follow all of their instructions, and take all of your prescribed medication according to instructions. It also helps to keep a log of symptoms, as they may worsen days after the accident. Don’t forget to keep tabs on your mental health and any other lasting physical and mental effects. 

Collect all documentation, from doctor’s bills to details on your lost time from work. Then, call Lerner and Rowe and schedule your free case evaluation and consultation.

Why Contact a Reno Slip and Fall Law Firm?

Seeking financial compensation after a slip and fall doesn’t have to be a task you face on your own. After all, the last task you’ll want to handle during recovery is a complicated legal process. 

In order to begin your fight for financial compensation, your lawyer will have to prove who was responsible for the slip and fall. This may be a single party, like the property owner. Or, your accident may have been caused by multiple parties, like the manufacturer of the flooring materials or the electrician who laid the electrical wiring. 

After determining the cause of your slip and fall, and totalling up the financial burden you now face as a result, our premises liability lawyers will draft a demand letter and send it to the responsible parties’ insurance companies. From there, they will fight for you and your family to receive the maximum compensation, even if that means going to court to represent you.

Call a Slip and Fall Attorney in Reno From Lerner and Rowe

Premises liability accidents can turn your world upside down. But, with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, you can receive financial compensation. So, call us today at 775-644-4444. Or, fill out this FREE online form, or talk with us right now via LiveChat. We are available 24/7 and even on weekends, and there is no fee until you win your case. 

Our Reno-based team is client-focused, and always ready to go to trial to defend your family’s best interests. So, don’t wait to begin your fight for financial compensation with us. Call our Reno office today.