Stay Safe, Beat Heat Related Injuries

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Summer in the desert, in states like Nevada and Arizona, means extreme temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees on hot summer afternoons. With the increase in temperature,  personal injury attorneys see an increase in heat related injuries in the summer months. Heat exhaustion, dehydration and extreme sunburn are just some of the injuries victims can endure from the sun’s rays.  This summer, be aware of how long you and those you care for are in the sun. Children and elderly people are more likely to suffer burn related injuries because they are not always capable of caring for themselves. As a caretaker, you or those looking after them are responsible for their well being.

Babies and toddlers are more sensitive to heat and cannot notify adults when they are in danger from the sun. Be cautious of scenarios where heat can be fatal like hot cars, carriers and overheated houses.

Kids love to play outside during summer break and forget to stay properly hydrated. Parents and teachers are responsible for protecting them from the heat. Make sure they are prepared with sunscreen, protective sunglasses, proper clothing attire and of course lots of H2O this summer.

Many elderly people are injured by sunburn and heat exhaustion when left outside for too long. If your loved ones are in a nursing home, make sure their caretaker is aware of the dangers of extended time in the sun and prevent nursing home abuse by educating them about the dangers of extended heat.

Stay safe, beat heat related injuries by staying alert and educating the caretakers of your loved ones. If you or someone you know is injured by heat related causes, contact Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys at 602-977-1900 for a free case consultation.