Red Light Runner Causes Deadly Crash in Gilbert

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red light runner
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November 8, 2018-  A red light runner caused a deadly crash earlier this week. A work truck hit a car in Gilbert, AZ between the Loop 22 and Higley Road. The driver of the car, a 39-year-old woman, drove onto Higley from the westbound freeway off ramp. The collision happened as the driver of the work truck, a 51-year-old man, did not stop at the red light signal on northbound Higley Road.

The male driver did remain on the scene, without needing any serious medication attention. However, the woman remained unconscious with clear facial injuries. She received first aid and CPR immediately, and then was moved by paramedics to a nearby hospital. Here, she sadly passed away.

Traffic signs and signals exist for your safety. Injuries, often fatal like this one, occur each day. Protect your family and also your friends by always obeying these rules. When it comes to safe driving, carelessness and danger go hand in hand. Remember to not only follow the rules of the road yourself, but also drive defensively so that you are prepared in case of a poor driver.

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