3 Ways to be Prepared for an Accident in Phoenix

Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys

Being Prepared for An Auto Accident Each day, hundreds of people are involved in traffic accidents, whether they be minor or fatal. Getting into an accident is an overwhelming experience, and the after effects can even alter the way we think. If drivers are not prepared beforehand with the knowledge of what to do after a vehicle accident occurs, the missteps can result in regret and frustration. Come armed with knowledge of what to do if an accident ever happens to you with these three easy steps.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Surprisingly, many drivers forget to stock their vehicle with necessities that make survival in an emergency situation possible. We may remember the spark plugs and wet wipes, but what about items like a first aid kit, eye drops (for those late night dry eyes), a list of important phone numbers, or reflectors (if an accident occurs at night)? Keep a small bag of items fixed in your trunk filled with the aforementioned items as well as anything else you may need to either prevent an accident from happening or for use if one does occur.

Know Your Insurance

When it comes time to give your insurance agent a call, it’s best to be aware of exactly what you’re covered for (so there are no surprises). If you are confused about your policy, go over it with an insurance professional or someone who does. That way, you’ll be aware of expected charges and how to handle an incident with your agent.

Photograph, Photograph, Photograph

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what would that mean for images of an accident? Regardless of the severity, always take pictures of an accident and the damage it causes. Your words can only go so far in court. Visual proof of damages will alleviate your frustrations for both legal and insurance purposes.

Be armed with these few tips and your accident will likely be a less stressful event–although we hope you never have to experience one!