Five Pedestrians Injured in Somerton Desert Accident

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Somerton, Arizona (June 11, 2018) – Five people were injured in a vehicle versus pedestrian accident the evening of June 10th south of County 19 and Avenue D in a remote desert area. Reportedly a pickup truck struck another parked truck at high speeds. Five individuals experienced injuries in this Somerton desert accident while tailgating in an area regularly used for racing.

When Somerton County Fire Department (SCFD) EMS paramedics arrived at the scene they found two people with critical injuries. Additionally, three others suffered injuries but were in stable condition. The most critical injury was a severe thigh avulsion injury that resulted in layers of the skin torn away, exposing underlying structures.

Other injuries resulting from the truck accident included a broken leg, less severe leg pain and lower back pain. In addition, another person reported a rib cage injury that included minor breathing difficulty. SCFD stated that all of the injured people could have suffered internal injuries after the out of control pickup truck struck them.

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The injuries that resulted from the Somerton desert accident were unfortunate and potentially life-altering. After an accident like this occurs the first thought may not include contacting a personal injury lawyer. However, after the most pressing medical needs have received cared, contacting a lawyer can make all the difference in whether or not an injury victim receives fair compensation.

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