Pedestrian Accident News- Family of Four Struck by Pickup Truck

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pedestrian accident news
Pedestrian accident news- pickup truck strikes family of four

Pedestrian Accident News

October 23, 2018- A family traveled through a crosswalk when a pickup truck struck them.

A 25-year old mother and her three children crossed the street during the night. Three children, aged four, three, and two, crossed with her. The driver of the pickup truck, a 75- year old man, says he did not see them when he plowed them down. The accident occurred in the central valley, on Katie Avenue near Maryland Parkway.

Officers arrived on the scene shortly afterwards. They rushed the victims to emergency care.The four-year-old, a son named Abdulwahab Noor, passed away at nearby Sunrise Hospital. The mother, in critical condition, is not expected to survive. The other children, both daughters, will survive their injuries. It appears that drugs or alcohol didn’t cause this accident. However, an investigation continues.

It is likely that neither the driver nor the mother saw each other before the accident occurred.   Avoiding a pedestrian accident can be easy. Those crossing always have right of way. If you are ever crossing the street, be sure oncoming traffic is stopping for you. Try to make eye contact with drivers that are in your path. If you are not confident someone is stopping, do not entire the street.

Accidents are especially tragic when such little ones are involved. Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys wishes a speedy recovery to the two little girls, and sends thoughts and prayers to the family of the victims.