Northern Arizona Semi-Truck Accident

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After losing control, a semi-truck driver drifted across State Route 98 near Kaibito. The truck then collided with two vehicles and caused a third to veer off the road and crash into a boulder. Two teen boys were tragically killed on site and five passengers were taken to a local hospital for injuries.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said that the accident took place around 10 a.m. on June 28.  The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau is conducting an investigation of the semi-truck collision. They will look into factors that may have caused the crash, including mechanical issues and driver logs.

A spokesperson with DPS stated that these kinds of collisions can often be avoided if drivers are aware of their surroundings and aware of the traffic around them.


Arizona Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys

Major collisions with semi-trucks tend to result in serious injuries and wrongful deaths. This accident is just one example of the potential life-altering and heartbreaking outcome that can occur.

Whenever our law firm is contacted to represent individuals and loved ones after these types of large truck accidents, our legal team makes sure that the victims know they are a priority. Serious injuries, long-term care, lost income and other damages are just a few elements of an accident that we carefully evaluate and seek compensation to cover.

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