Las Vegas Social Security Lawyer

Social security is a benefit that many Americans rely on when they reach an advanced age. However, too many people are initially denied social security benefits because of errors in paperwork or other minor technicalities.

People filing for social security disability insurance are also at risk for being denied benefits. Those denied will receive a notice containing a brief description of the medical condition in question. They will also receive a summary explaining why they were determined to be ineligible.

It is important for a person to remember that an initial rejection does not mean they will never receive social security benefits in the future. They could have been denied because of a simple mistake on their application or because of a misunderstanding concerning their work history.

If a person has been denied any form of social security benefits, it is important they retain the services of a Las Vegas social security lawyer who can identify the root cause of the problem and work with the necessary institutions to get them the access to services that they rightfully deserve.

Social Security Regulations

Along with federal social security benefits, the state of Nevada will pay an optional state supplement to social security recipients who are elderly or legally blind. A person with a disability can only receive a state supplement if they are a part of an eligible couple with an aged or blind person or if they live in an institution where medical assistance pays for more than half of their healthcare needs.

The single payment a person gets at the beginning of each month will consist of the federal supplemental security income and the Nevada supplement if that person qualifies for both payouts.

Role of an Attorney

Obtaining the help of a qualified social security attorney in Las Vegas will try to get the desired result. Social security lawyers have plenty of experience with all kinds of cases. They can help a person compile information from their social security file and relevant medical records.

Lawyers will review a person’s notice detailing their denied social security claim and can request a reconsideration of appeal. After an appeal is set, an attorney will prep their client and witnesses for any potential questions that may arise.

Experienced Las Vegas social security attorneys are also able to sit with their client during any Social Security Administration interviews. They will know when to interject in order to protect their chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

Contact a Las Vegas Social Security Attorney Today

If denied social security benefits, you need to know that you only have 60 days to file an appeal. If not appealing, you must restart the process and also wait to see if eligible for the program.

Dealing with any social security related issue and need assistance? Contact a Las Vegas social security lawyer to walk you through the entire process. They will make sure there is no reason for you not to receive financial support from this federal program.