Punitive Damages after a Las Vegas Car Accident

The purpose of punitive damages after a Las Vegas car accident is to punish someone. Punitive damages are only awarded when there is willful, wanton conduct. If there is a DUI or criminal conduct someone can get treble damages or more. Once economic and non-economic damages combine, an additional amount adds to resolve the matter.

It may be critical to speak with a distinguished car accident lawyer regarding the amount of compensation you should seek. A personal injury attorney will have the experience necessary to assess the facts of your case and also assist you on the path to recovery.

Defining Compensatory Damages

Punitive damages are based upon the compensatory damages. Economic and non-economic damages combine to compensate a person and make them whole. Punitive damages can be tripled or more or they could only be $10. It depends on how egregious the conduct is and whether the jury wants to punish the person to make an example that this type of conduct is not acceptable.

Receiving Punitive Damages

Punitive damages involve willful, wanton, also, malicious conduct usually related to a DUI. If someone has a truck they overloaded or the truck has serious mechanical issues they ignored and drove the truck resulting in serious injury, there could be an award of punitive damages if the money is available.

When determining punitive damages after a Las Vegas car accident all that matters is whether the money is within the policy limit to make that award. If a person failed to pay the policy limits in a reasonable and also, timely manner, the policy may no longer be pertinent. If they had a chance to settle the case in a reasonable matter, it does not matter. It is whatever the jury awards and the insurance company is on the hook for it.

What Does a DUI Mean for Damages?

A DUI is a big factor in the award of punitive damages after a Las Vegas car accident. The purpose of punitive damages is for the society as a whole to prevent other people from acting in this type of manner.

Juries only award punitive damages with punitive conduct, such as a DUI. By statute, treble damages allow a court to triple economic or non-economic damages or more. There really is no cap on punitive damages after a Las Vegas car accident. Victims rarely receive treble damages; but in certain cases that are particularly egregious, there can be significant awards.

Role of a Lawyer

Las Vegas car accident injury attorneys can handle punitive damages like any injury case. Seeking punitive damages after a Las Vegas car accident cannot make an impact on the individual’s recovery without a sufficient policy limit. Punitive damages are typically not addressed until economic and non-economic injuries are resolved. So, don’t wait! Contact us today!