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Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys Now Reviews 3M Combat Earplug Cases Related to Permanent Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Now reviewing cases regarding hearing loss injuries due to defective 3M combat earplugs.



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Las Vegas, Nev. (January 14, 2018) — In a recent settlement agreement with the United States Department of Justice, 3M company based out of Minnesota agreed to pay $9.1 million to resolve allegations that they knowingly sold defective earplugs to the U.S. Military. What is noteworthy about the settlement is that proceeds will not be distributed directly to military personnel who suffered permanent hearing loss and/or tinnitus. However, Lerner and Rowe announced their legal team will pursue civil lawsuits on behalf of the injured to obtain compensation for hearing loss damages.

Legal Help for Soldiers Who Suffered Hearing Loss from 3M Combat Earplug

3M company manufactured and sold millions of dollars’ worth of Dual Ended Combat Arms™ Earplugs to the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency over an approximated 12 year timeframe. Subsequently, thousands of military personnel deployed both domestically and in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2003 – 2015 received these earplugs as standard issue equipment.

In the initial lawsuit, The Department of Justice alleged that 3M knew:

  1. Earplugs were too short and did not fit well.
  2. Earplugs were unable to effectively mitigate excessive noise as they would loosen in some user’s ears.

Due to these alleged product design defects, thousands of military personnel now reportedly suffer from complete or partial hearing loss and/or tinnitus.

Lerner and Rowe wants to make it clear that U.S. military personnel put at risk of injury have the right to seek compensation for their injuries. ”Members of our military put their lives at risk to protect our country from outside entities. First, they shouldn’t have to worry about potential risks of injury from the home front. Second, they should know that their long-term quality of life and care isn’t something that should be overlooked. That is why my legal team is prepared to pursue individual compensation claims for those suffering hearing loss and other damages due to the negligent acts of 3M.”

Military personnel who served between 2003-2015, were issued 3M earplugs during service and now have permanent hearing loss and/or tinnitus are invited to contact Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys for a free defective combat earplug case evaluation. As time restrictions may apply, now is the time to discuss a potential case. Compensation may be entitled for injuries and other damages. In short call toll-free 844-977-1900.

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