Prescribing Invokana®

A physician that is treating Type-2 diabetes is able to prescribe Invokana®. As an experienced attorney may tell you, doctors should monitor the blood glucose level or blood sugar level of the patient before prescribing Invokana. Speak with a dangerous drugs lawyer about the possibility of filing a personal injury or negligence claim for your prescription. If you have been harmed by the use of this prescription drug it can be critical to meet with legal representation about how to proceed with your case. A lawyer with experience in this area can give you the peace of mind you may need for recovery.

Directed Use of Invokana

Patients should use all diabetes drugs in conjunction with an exercise regimen and a controlled diet. Invokana comes in two sizes. There are 100-milligram tablets and 300-milligram tablets. Usually, patients have a prescription to take the drug once a day, in the morning with breakfast.

Common Irregularities Associated with Invokana Use

Most Invokana claims result from blood glucose level irregularities. Therefore, should someone use Invokana, an attorney may recommend that they continuously monitor their sugar levels. By taking small blood samples with a device, patients can read and monitor their blood glucose levels. Monitoring blood glucose levels can indicate whether the individual’s body is not producing any or enough insulin. A doctor may prescribe Invokana if the sugar accumulates in their blood.

Important Observations of Treatment

When taking Invokana, patients could become lethargic or confused, and their mental state altered. This could all be an indication that their blood glucose or sugar levels are too high. Common irregularities after prescribing Invokana are considered warnings if the patient’s blood sugar levels are above the normal level.

Why Might a Doctor Prescribe Invokana For an Off-Label Condition?

Physicians are at liberty to use drugs for other than approved uses. Invokana sucks water out of the body to increase the flow to the kidneys and to excrete sugar in urine. Because of this process, this drug has links to weight loss purposes and also for lowering blood pressure. Although someone taking this drug may lose weight, they also risk dehydration.

Groups That Should Avoid Taking Invokana

Another risk to look out for is Invokana  involves children; they should never have a prescription. Anybody who has got a compromised kidney function, only has one kidney, or has any kind of kidney disease should not be taking Invokana under any circumstances. Invokana can be very dangerous when without proper kidney function.  Patients should also not use Invokana during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. For more info on prescribing Invokana, contact an experienced dangerous drugs attorney who can help you review your case.