3M military earplugs lawsuits
Veterans who served from 2003 to 2015, used 3M military issued earplugs, and suffered hearing loss or tinnitus may be entitled to monetary damages.
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Iraq War Fund Cases
U.S. military servicemembers who suffered injuries from certain terrorist-backed devices from 2003 to 2011 may be entitled to compensation.
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Benefit of a Chicago Premises Liability Lawyer

A plaintiff who suffers an injury on another person’s property should immediately consult with an attorney familiar with Illinois premises liability law to quickly determine whether they have a case and begin to take steps to protect the client’s interests.

There are many benefits to Chicago premises liability lawyers working on someone’s claim, as they can carefully review their client’s case and work hard to get them the compensation they are entitled to following their accident. Skilled liability attorneys in Chicago are committed to their client’s communities.

Explaining Common Misconceptions

One primary benefit of a Chicago premises liability attorney is that they can explain common misconceptions to their clients. One such misconception is that store owners are always liable if they do not shovel their sidewalk. The natural accumulation of snow and ice is not a basis for liability of a premises’ owner.

In order for an owner or an occupier of land to be held liable for a slip and fall on snow or ice; the owner must appear to, in some way, caused an unnatural accumulation. Notice of the unnatural accumulation of snow or ice required to impose liability upon the landowner or occupier of the land.

In other words: if the snow and ice just naturally accumulate overnight. Somebody walking down the street the next morning and they slip and fall; there is no liability for the landowner. However, if the landowner shovels the snow and piles the snow up in such a way as to create a dangerous condition; then they can be liable for their actions in disturbing the otherwise natural accumulation of snow and ice. In complex cases, a Chicago premises liability lawyer can be very beneficial because of their experience.

Attorney-Client Relationship

Once the accident occurs and the plaintiff or the person believes that they suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, they should not discuss the nature of their injuries or the cause of the accident with anyone other than their lawyer. The benefit of a premises liability lawyer in Chicago is that they can help take care of many aspects of their client’s case early on before their client makes any simple and common mistakes.

They should see a lawyer as quickly as possible after the accident as any delay may create a risk that the adverse party or their insurance carrier may gather evidence from them while they unknowingly make admissions used against them and diminish the value of their case in the future.

Starting a Liability Case

That initial meeting between the plaintiff and their attorney focuses on understanding and identifying evidence needed. This specifically addresses issues of liability for the owner or occupier of the land where the accident occurred; as well as begin to assess and understand the nature and potential severity of the injury that the plaintiff suffered. Understanding both liability and damages is critical to the plaintiff’s attorney advice.

The attorney will focus on how the accident occurred and the various causes associated with it to assess the elements of a claim. Then, begin to understand whether there is evidence that may be obtained to support the plaintiff’s understanding the accident. Chicago premises liability attorneys are very beneficial at this state of a liability case.

Focusing on Recovery

A person injured can expect the freedom to focus on their recovery and from their injuries; by allowing the premises liability attorney to deal with the legal issues that arise. Chicago premises liability cases can be complex and not every accident that occurs on somebody else’s property is actionable.

Contacting an liability lawyer immediately after the accident can be critical to collecting evidence and developing the case. This means that their client can have time to focus on their recovery.

By dividing and conquering the responsibilities, the lawyer handling the case and the person focusing on their recovery; a plaintiff can expect to get back to their normal routine more quickly than without having an attorney.

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