In a Chicago Car Accident?

Important Considerations Following a Chicago Car Accident

The way that car accident claims are handled is sometimes unique in Chicago. With any chance of injury or any significant impact at all between the two vehicles, contact the police immediately. They should report the accident, and follow the police officer’s instructions to ensure that a report is issued. Following a report and medical assistance, an experienced car accident lawyer should then be contacted as soon as possible to help begin the claims process.

Contributory Negligence

Each accident present unique challenges. The legal process evaluates the conduct of all parties involved and assigns fault among them. When a party is the ultimate cause of the accident, they cannot recover from anyone else. Fault also plays a factor in the recovery of damages. A case may have some uninsured parties partially at fault. Sorting through those issues can get pretty complex especially when there are more than two parties involved.

Contributory negligence is always a factor in Chicago car accidents, even in a two-party accident. When both of the drivers contributed to the cause of the accident, the difficulty to settle the case increases. It is difficult to predict how that level of contributory negligence sorts out in a lawsuit or trial. Sometimes, insurance companies use that situation to make a very low settlement offer. They think that they can push people into accepting a low offer by pointing to the cause of the accident. The only way to resolve the issue of the cause of the accident is to go into litigation. Contributory negligence in an accident affects the assessment and recovery of damages, and also the likelihood of settling without litigation.

Steps Following a Chicago Car Accident

The first important consideration after a Chicago car accident is for the person to get medical treatment. If there was any kind of significant impact, their injury could manifest itself over a couple of days and they may not feel a lot of pain immediately. When someone feels any pain after the accident they need to go see their primary care physician or go to the emergency room immediately. They need to seek medical treatment and assessment as soon as possible after the accident.

The second essential step to take is to reach out to an attorney. They should contact a lawyer quickly because their rights and the strengths or weaknesses of their case are dependent on what happens immediately after the accident.

The next important consideration to take following a Chicago car accident is to take pictures of their damaged vehicle, damage to the other vehicle, and of the accident scene. They should identify any potential witnesses and begin to think about how they are going to provide information about their version of the facts and how the accident occurred. That also includes calling the police. The person must clearly articulate to the police officer what happened in the accident, and confirm that a police report unless taken from the scene in an ambulance.

Contacting an Attorney

Contact a lawyer when injured in a car accident to help determine whether you have a potential claim. When a person is in a car accident, sometimes they do not fully understand the injuries they suffered and their injuries do not always manifest themselves right away. If they proceed for a period of time without an attorney, they may compromise their rights. It is difficult to undo what happens in that original gap in time. Many things can happen immediately after an accident that can dramatically affect the rights of the injured. Obtain an attorney early.

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