Aurora Sexual Abuse Lawyer

There are many reasons to hire an Aurora sexual abuse lawyer. When a victim of a sex crime, the perpetrator often faces a criminal court. The point of a criminal trial is to punish the individual for their actions, but unfortunately, it does not take the trauma and pain the victim endures into consideration. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, consult a compassionate and determined attorney that could pursue justice for you.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a serious crime that involves an individual forcing another person to have sexual contact with them. It does not include full intercourse. However, victims often experience trauma and cannot recover without the aid of psychological treatment.

There are numerous acts that can be categorized as sexual assault, including the following:

  • Inappropriate or unwanted touching
  • Forcing another individual to engage in sex acts
  • Performing sex acts on an incapacitated person or a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Individuals are often hesitant to take action against the person who sexually assaulted them, out of fear they will not be taken seriously. By hiring an Aurora sexual abuse lawyer, victims can obtain the compensation and peace of mind they deserve.


Rape is one of the most serious offenses on the books, and predatory individuals often use it to control and intimidate their victims. This occurs when a person forces another individual to have sexual intercourse with them, and it can occur between individuals of either the opposite sex or the same sex. Spousal rape, another common type of rape, occurs when an individual forces their spouse or romantic partner to have intercourse against their will, and even though both individuals are married, it is extremely illegal.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment occurs when a person makes unwanted sexual advances or comments to another person. It often occurs in the workplace, but it can also occur in schools and public places.

Many individuals do not take sexual harassment seriously, but like other sex crimes, it can leave victims feeling helpless and emotionally devastated.

No one deserves to feel this way, and if a victim of sexual harassment, they should hire an Aurora sexual abuse lawyer to represent them in court.

Other Types of Sexual Abuse

The types of sexual abuse listed above are the most common, but they certainly are not the only types. Individuals may want to hire an Aurora sexual abuse lawyer if they have been the victim of molestation, sexual battery, or incest. Victims of these crimes deserve to have compensation and closure too.

What a Person Can Seek Compensation For

When the life of a victim life turns upside-down by a sexual assault, their pain often causes immense suffering and prevents them from working. The victims of sexual abuse often seek compensation for the following:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Medical expenses
  • Mental health treatment
  • Loss of wages and productivity

Even if found not guilty by a criminal court, they can still be forced to pay damages by a civil court.

Consulting an Aurora Sexual Abuse Attorney

Victim of a sexual abuse? Our law firm understands that you may be feeling angry and vulnerable. Hire an Aurora sexual abuse lawyer if you want to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact our law firm today to discuss your case with an attorney.

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