Best Toy Safety Tips for Kids

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Phoenix child injury lawyersToys are supposed to bring hours of fun and joy to your children, but what happens when your child is hurt by one of their playthings? There are literally millions of toys on the market and new ones hitting the shelves daily, especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, numerous children every year end up in the emergency room due to toy-related injuries, with choking being a particularly large risk to children under the age of three. Don’t let playtime turn into a medical emergency, check your children’s toys carefully for hazards and keep in mind the following guidelines from our Phoenix child injury lawyers.

Toy Shopping Guidelines

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) closely monitors and regulates toys to help ensure your child’s safety. You can check the CPSC website or call 800-638-CPSC for the latest toy recalls or to report any toy you feel is unsafe. If you have any doubts about a toy’s safety, don’t allow your child to play with it. Safety guidelines you should follow include:

  • Read labels to choose age-appropriate toys.
  • Check for small parts that might pose choking hazards.
  • Look for flame resistant or flame retardant on the labels of fabric toys.
  • Investigate potentially toxic toys that may contain harmful chemicals.
  • Confirm that art materials, including crayons, are nontoxic and say ASTM D-4236 on packaging.
  • Verify that painted toys contain lead-free paint.
  • Choose well-made toys, especially when buying used toys that may be worn or broken.
  • Measure strings or cords on toys to ensure they’re less than 12 inches long, so they don’t become wrapped around a child’s neck.
  • Always make children use helmets and other safety gear while using riding toys.
  • Inspect toys frequently to ensure they aren’t broken.
  • Throw away or repair broken toys immediately.
  • Sign up for recalls for child-related products.

Hire Top Child Injury Lawyers

By taking proper safety precautions, you can reduce the risk of injury to your child. At Lerner and Rowe, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers and legal team want your children to be safe when playing with their toys. If your child has been hurt due to a toy-related injury, you may have a personal injury case. Contact our child injury attorneys for a free consultation and get the best attorneys in Phoenix to handle your case as voted by independent reader poll by AZ Foothill Magazine. Our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but we’re available to take your call 24/7 at 844-977-1900.