Debt, Arizona Bankruptcy Attorneys, and Tax Refunds

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With the holidays behind us and a new year just starting, we know that a popular resolution is to clear up personal debt.  For those who face mountains of debt, filing for bankruptcy in Arizona may seem like the best option.

Debt? Contact an Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney at Lerner and Rowe. So how do you know for sure if bankruptcy is the best option for you?  The best way to guarantee you’re making the right choice is to consult with an experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorney. That attorney will help you assess your bills and exemptions and determine if debt consolidation or filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you.

Should You File for Bankruptcy this New Year?

After assessing your finances, your Arizona bankruptcy attorney or specialist may come to the conclusion that bankruptcy would provide you with the best opportunity to reorganize or discharge your debt obligations to creditors.  So not what?  Your deemed broke… how are you going to be able to cover your Arizona bankruptcy legal fees?

How will you pay for Arizona bankruptcy legal fees?

At the start of this New Year, a financial tool you should think about tapping is your income tax refund.  Using your income tax refund to pay for the legal fees related to the expense of filing a bankruptcy with an experienced, state bar certified bankruptcy attorney may be the best investment you make this year.

Contact an Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney for Answers

When you are not sure what you “should” do, consult with an Arizona bankruptcy attorney at Lerner and Rowe.  Our staff is available to guide you through the often perplexing steps of filing for bankruptcy in Arizona with confidence and expertise, alleviating many financial burdens and giving you a bright new future.

Take the first step toward financial debt relief today!  Just make one call, that’s all to 602-667-7777, or submit a free online bankruptcy case review form now.