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The survival rate of plane accidents is more than 95%*, which shows that air travel is among the safest forms of transportation. But, when a plane crashes the personal injuries suffered are typically more life altering and severe than injuries resulting from other types of transportation accidents.

If you or a family member has been injured in a plane crash, you need to immediately get the advice of an Albuquerque plane crash lawyer. Lerner and Rowe’s personal injury law firm has many years of experience successfully representing victims of aviation accidents. We are able to work on your behalf to ensure that you receive the medical treatment and care you need to recover from your injuries. We will also see to it that you get the financial compensation you are legally entitled to.

Hurt in a plane crash?

Plane crash injury cases are highly complex due to the range and severity of injuries as well as the likelihood of multiple parties being responsible. These cases typically take a lot more time to resolve than other types of personal injury cases.

Injuries commonly suffered in a plane crash:

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*Source: Report released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) states that the survival rate of passengers in plane crashes that have occurred since 1983 is 95.7%.